2A Certificate of Quality and Special Memorial Board of Paragon City:


The selected presentations will receive the following services from the side of organizer- 2A Magazine:

  •  Inviting professionals as representatives of the selected presentations at the annual ceremony, they will deliver a brief speech and share the highlight points during the event.
  •  Certificate of the Quality
  •  Symbolic sign of “Ideal”


Upon qualification as a “Paragon City”, Applicant whose presentation has been selected can also decide to receive the 2A Special Memorial Board by ordering it via email.

Note: Material of the “2A Special Board” is high quality handmade ceramic and it’s size is 30×30 CM


Rules & Conditions ( Applicants for Certificate & Special Memorial Board):


– One stage entry in submitting of Paragon City

–“Paragon Citis a one stage entry.

– The entries include one JPG file [as a poster or picture of the building, neighborhood and city] and description.

– Each submission can be applied only to a single category of the introduction and selection.

– Presenting certificate of quality to the qualified outstanding presentation in all the sections of Neighborhood Unit- Neighborhood Community, part of the city- Cities- District, Area, Region, Zone.

– The report and valuable points of the selected presentation will be published in 2A Magazine, website and media, it would be a professional reference of the essential core idea in this regard.

– All the presentations will be considered by the board based on the criteria and parameters of an ideal progressive city.


Note: There is no fee for submission and attending the annual ceremony.