The Services: 

– To conduct researches and studies over planning an Paragon City ( in scale of Neighboring Units, Neighborhood, Community part of the city, District, Area, Region, Zone)

– To organize international events to find  valuable solutions for urban life challenges and to improve life style standards

– Having a ready list of effective and capable professionals who can be helpful and contacted during crisis or other needed occasions.

– To establish standards and evalutate Special memorial Board of

[there is specific terms & conditions in this part]

Note: The Center for Paragon City would be a significant source of eminent Architect & Urban Designers and a credible reference of professionalism.  


Membership in Center for Urban Development and Well Balanced Living  (Paragon City): 


Please check the link below for membership application.

Note: to receive provided services, members of this center will benefit special advantages and also Connecting to 2A Organization of Architecture & Urban Design Exellence