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2A Magazine is an international professional architectural hub which has been publishing since 2006, 2A is also organizer of Annual Asia Architecture Award (2ACAA) as an international event (established in 2015) and other professional activities such as 2A Center of Paragon City, 2A Center of Future Architectural Perspective, 2A Center For Architectural Research & Development etc.

Today, the importance of the networking is undeniable. Networking is not simply an information exchange between you and another person. It involves establishing relationships with people who will often become your community of colleagues and friends as you walk through your career path. They may be able to help you advance your career in many ways, just as you may be able to help them advance theirs.

But there’s a huge gap in the architecture community concerning this matter. There are no online platforms, which can connect architects from all around the world together.

As it has always been the biggest aim of 2A Magazine and 2A Center of Research & Development, we have always emphasized on our motto “Uniting Through Architecture” and as another step towards making this ideal happen, we have established “2A World Map of Visionary Architect” to focus on the networking of professional’s recognition.

The prominent list and the map is a unique architectural platform that works as a networking bridge and consists the introduction, achievements, projects and work information of architects from around the globe. The exceptional potential within this network can create spectacular opportunities for architects and artistes to advance their profession.

2A World Map of Visionary Architect

These personalities have either been avant-garde and leaders in their respective field of activities, And/Or are a great source of inspiration for the professionals and society in general.
The age and era of the character is not important, his/her theories, projects and contributions to the field of their profession are, what is significant.

Note: All participants will be included and registered in the prominent list, And the outstanding architects with unique background, innovative ideas will appear on the 2A World Map.

Why is introduction of these outstanding people so important?

2A Center For Architectural Research & Development (2ACARD) has a plan for studying and assess many countries to identify and present such key individuals who can be eligible to enter in “2A World Map of Visionary Architect”, It is an ongoing process which is being updated regularly.

They are the master keys for development, progress and prosperity.

Identifying these characters and the learning more about their attributes, mindset, strategist and achievements will help us to understand how success is achievable at any level in the society.

Note 1: As a part of the activity of “2A World Map of Visionary Architect”, as the first round the plan of providing the prominent list of architects in 2A Center For Architectural Research & Development will be provided, in the second round, A number of pivotal architects in the three position’s type as designer, academic and researcher will be recognized based on their submitted information and organizers’ studies for presenting on the Global Map of 2AWMVP.

Note 2: The list will be published in 2A Magazine, The website and social medias.

Note 3: The provide statement by the applicants is very important, because many professional correspondents will view their profile worldwide, and it can be a very helpful tool for them to introduce their professional viewpoints and activities.

Hence, it is useful and worthwhile to pay specially attention to make the profile complete and carefully.

 Addressing Selection Criteria: 

Artistic, Innovative & Progressive Vision

Design Thinking Skills and Original Ideas & Comments

Environmental Issues

Exploration of Theoretical and Academical Themes

Professional Attitude, Cultural & Social Effective Viewpoints

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Submition Date:  March 15th – April 15th via www.2aincorp.com

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