2A Center for Architectural Research & Developments (2ACARD)


Architects have a particular social responsibility since architecture is an art with social obligations and applications. This understanding of architecture has characterized the international strategy of 2A Magazine [International Hub for Architectural Studies] for over seventeen years and has earned the hub professional recognition worldwide.

2A Center for Architecture Research & Developments was set up to provide professional architectural impacts with publishing and encourage research, 2ACARD has opened sharing of research output and this is a new open research communication para dime result in permanent change and in particular after the COVID-19.

This center acts as open access repositories to share the professional architectural research and developments and its original source of reflection and publication has been set up based on 2A Magazine, And based on the organization’s strategy, 2ACARD creates influence, growth, and development in architecture by presenting theoretical topics.

Finally, it is an authoritative reference in architectural professionalism by a presentation of innovative ideas.

The center collects various professional architectural researches and provides them to the researchers, and in parallel conduct research and their utilization platform, then develop those results.

2ACARD focuses on the following significant effects:

Well-Balanced Living and Multidimensional Growth & Progress
Creating a Better Living Space in Cities around the Globe
Integrating Various Aspects of Architecture (Social, Cultural, and Environmental)
Note 1: The research of the professionals will be presented at the 2ACARD and permanently saved, and the contributions will be a significant and innovative reference of architecture.

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The Viewpoints:

2ACARD Help Enhance Peace, Compassion, and Unity Around the World, Any form of art like architecture has a magical quality that may be subtle and invisible to many people. It has the power to help both the artists and its observers to shift their attention and viewpoints from the material to more subtle aesthetic, ethical, social, cultural, and sometimes spiritual dimensions. And in doing so it helps to bring people closer together, and enhance peace, kindness, and unity among different ethnic groups and nations. In a way, it shifts the locus from segregation to unity. From a dividing mental approach that may focus only on differences and tries to show one group is superior to another into a more humanistic and even spiritual approach which focuses on similarities and unifying factors such as aesthetics, common human emotions such as the need to love, charity and worship.

In the Field of Architecture & Urban Design, to relieve and resolve some existing crises and challenges, by creating a movement that brings various groups and individuals from different corners of the world together, who all share one same goal, which is to improve the standard of living and well-being of their fellow human beings and ultimately create a better and more peaceful world for all humanity.

Focusing on the following parameters which are totally related to studies of Urban Development & Well Balanced Living to create an improved in-habitat for inhabitants from all over the world. With this, 2ACARD has been established as a framework that contributes professional sources for architects.

• Diversity of Design Ideologies and Methodologies
• Cultural diversity – definition
• Social Responsibility & Urban Connectivity
• Social Sensitivity
• Contextual Analysis
• Conceptualization and design
• Advanced Technologies
• Sense of place and ecology
• relationship between architecture and the movie industry (Architect, Urban Designer, and Director)
• Sensing the Economical Condition of the City and Offering solutions.
• Create multi-layers of unity: intellectual, cultural, humanistic, and spiritual.

Professional Benefits:

– Register your professional research and ideas as a permanent reference for architecture
– Builds authentic relationship
– Introduction of the abilities and growing the professional communication
– The protection of the contents’ copyright