2A Center for Architectural Research & Developments [2ACARD]


Architects have a particular social responsibility since architecture is an art with social obligations and applications. This understanding of architecture has characterized the international strategy of 2A Magazine [International Hub for Architectural Studies]  for over seventeen years, and has earned the hub professional recognition worldwide.

2A Center for Architecture Research & Developments was set up to provide professionals with publishing and encourage research in the field of architecture and landscape internationally.

2ACARD improves the field of architecture as a significant source of eminent architects & urban designers and a credible reference of professionalism.

The center collects various professional architectural researches and provides them to the researchers, and in a parallel conduct research and their utilization platform, then develop those results.


2ACARD focuses on the following significant viewpoints:

  • Well- Balanced Living and Multidimensional Growth & Progress
  • Creating a Better Living Space in Cities around the Globe
  • Integrating Various Aspects of Architecture (Social, Cultural and Environmental)