Courtyard in Kish Island:
An Expression of local Architecture
Ahmad Zohadi /2A Magazine- Editor in Chief
Photographer: Ahmad Zohadi

Published in 2A Magazine Issue #45

Kish island is among the most beautiful islands in the world in north east part of Persian Gulf. Courtyard (Hayat in Persian) is an architectural element that is traditionally integrated in vernacular house designs all along southern Iran. It is important for its environmental and social capacities and reflects sustainable origins of traditional architecture in the region. Courtyards (Hayat) have a long tradition in Kish island. Study of some palace complexes in Iran has given us insight into how courtyards and shaded porticos arranged around them, help in moderating indoor environmental conditions in intense summers in southern Iran. The studies portrait the courtyard and portico as transitional spaces mitigating the outdoor temperature and intense sunshine Focusing on courtyards in Kish island and how they function, is important in raising awareness on potential environmental aspects. Courtyards are on the other hand a vision of natural context in south Iran and its sustainable architecture, alongside the traditional cultural values of its people.