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2A Center for Genuine Innovators of Urban Design, Architecture & Art [2ACGI]

Description Advantages:

Based on the consideration of all 2A Magazine activities, the unique ideas of professionals who had created and caused innovative and transformative effects in different dimensions of human habitat and better living will be considered in 2ACGI.

Under these circumstances, the specialist will be introduced as a genuine professional in this regard and her/his creative effects will be presented internationally.

In this matter, the most important dimensions as the criteria are related to human support through architecture and art such as Humanity, Peace, Multiculturalism, Growth, Human Interaction and Creating a Better World.

Outstanding Feedbacks: 

2ACGA shall be created to act as a source of valuable reference, case study, information, inspiration, and knowledge for any professional architects looking for it.

It shall be one of the world’s largest, most comprehensive, architecture knowledge based on elevating architectural excellence created ever, by recognition of genuine innovators.
It is distinguished from the knowledge and information standpoint, global and professional Interaction, cultural and economic effects, creative and architectural development perspective.
Note: According to our varius activities, we identify the professionals when 2A Editorial Board study their projects and professional profiles.