2A World Map of Unique and Visionary Professionals in Architecture & Art

Geography of Contemporary

Inspirational Professionals and Theorician Architects & Artists

These personalities have either been Avant- garde and leaders in their respective field of activities, And/Or are a great source of inspiration for the professionals and society in general.
The age and era of the character is not important, his/her theories, projects and contributions to the field of their profession are, what is significant.

Why is introduction of these outstanding people so important?

2A Center For Architectural Research & Development (2ACARD) has a plan for studying and assess many countries to identify and present such key individuals who can be eligible to enter in “2A World Map of Unique & Professionals in Architecture & Art”

It is an ongoing process which is being updated regularly.

They are the master keys for development, progress and prosperity.

Identifying these characters and the learning more about their attributes, mindset, strategist and achievements will help us to understand how success is achievable at any level in the society.